Working with attitude


 is all about

“Rewarding the correct behavior”

60% DOG


Working with positiv expectation gets the right attitude

Keehawn Abrau Dorso 4 months old
Keehawn Abrau Dorso 4 months old


Have your own table is basic must

Always train on the table, flat on the ground in the beginning

Always have candy on the table when the dog enters

Train puppies to eat their food on the table when it is flat on the ground without legs

Freestacking is all about finding the right position for your candyhand so that the dog stops in balance

Teach the dog to back off, move your candyhand over the dogs head, combine it with pushing it with your left finger backwards in the front.

Move your candyhand in front of the dog sideways to move the dogs front legs sideways.

Keep the indexfinger and the thumb on each side over the shoulder blade or over the loan, teach the dog to in a relaxed manner move sideways for the pressure.

Do the flick and have the dog to step one step forward to get the candy!

Training on the ground

Always keep the dog walking in front of you with contact in the leash!

Call the name and turn around and walk the other way!

Stop, have the candyhand open with candy in the hand, let the dog chase the hand around you, as you make a turn to the right on the spot! Rise the hand to the position where it stops by itself, flick when you get the expectation and reward!

Find each dogs natural stopspot!

When finding the correct position for line-up, turn one 1/4 to the left, have the dog in front of you so you can see its left rear leg without leaning forward.

Move towards the dog and teach it to move backwards!

Back of from the dog and it should follow you forward.

Teach it to dance back and forth as you move!



Energic movement, as you as on your way to something

Focus on the judge

Eye contact with judge with a smile on your lips

Proper dresscode according to the color of the dog

Clicker training

Put your right index finger toward the right thumb pressure fast so that the index finger extended, this should be done quickly and clearly

After clicking move the candy out from the palm towards the fingers, have the dog to take a step forward to get the candy. Extend the time interval between the click and the reward as the dog is trained to focus longer and longer time


“Name”, attention

“No”, this is never ok, for example attacking another dog.

“Appapp”, right now this is the wrong behavior, like keeping the nose on the ground while we are training

“Hopp hopp”, are words used for an explosive gallop forward

Always have the dog walking in front of you keeping contact in the leach

While moving

Clap your hand on the dogs hip or on your thigh as a signal to the dog to move forward in trot.

Never stare on the dog!

Author Suzanne Nisser Blanck

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