Vitreous prolapse

Mitul Mehta, Assistant Professor of Vitreoretinal
Trauma, and pseudo exfoliation syndrome (PXS) are the most common causes of vitreous prolapse other than cataract surgery and usually the vitreous prolapse after cataract surgery is due to one or both of these things.The reason the vitreous prolapses (comes forward from the back of the eye to the front of the eye) is because of a break in the zonules (which are like tiny wires that hold the lens in place like a trampoline) or the capsular bag that the lens sits in.In PXS the zonules become weak and are more likely to break or be loose during cataract surgery. If you have PXS and you had some trauma (it could be from when you were a child an took a ball to your eye) the zonules start to break and vitreous is more likely to come forward.

There are also a host of connective tissue diseases like Marfan’s Syndrome, Weil-Marchesani, Ehlers-Danlos etc that also do similar things to the zonules.


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