How to table train your dog. Part 2

My dog is not standing in balance – how do I move it?

Your dog is now trained to stand in the “stop position” using your “candy hand” at 2 o´clock position, practicing it on the ground. Now your dog is ready for the table with the legs unfolded.

Teach the dog to follow your candy hand around the table without falling off. The dog needs to be relaxed in its movements and do it with energy and be familiar where the table ends without fear.

Put a piece of tejp across the middle of the table, have the dogs front paws on one side of the tejp and the back paws on the other. If everything works out perfectly the dog now stands in the middle of the table.

When the dog is following your “candy hand” freely and feels secure on the table, it is time for the next step, “the stand”. A well constructed dog stands in a balanced position by itself.

This junior male almost always stands in balance by himself

But even so you need to be able to correct the dogs legs. I start by instructing how to move the dog by using the indexfinger and the thumb using a small amount of pressure over the shoulder blade and crouch .

The dog should also follow your candy hand, so if you move the hand from the 2 o´clock position to the right the dog should move it frontlegs to the right and the other way around. If your raise your hand over the dogs head and move your hand back towards the dog, the dog should back off. Some dogs you need to help backing off holding your left indexfinger on the front pushing slightly backwards.

Some dogs like better if you support them under the nose, holding your hand underneath the nose, moving it to the left end the dog moves it front paws according to in what way you are moving the hand.


Some dogs get tense if you move them to much and then the topline might appear with an arch.

Junior male in training
Junior male in training

You need to get the dog to relax properly to be able to hold the tail over the topline. I often train the dog when it is in my knee in the sofa, to be able to relax.

Tail held over the toplineIMG_3046

 These two dogs are a well trained, standing in balance with the tail and topline relaxed.

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