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Mixture for bad stomachs

What if stomachs are out of order?

This mix is ​​designed for puppies that has been bad about 4-5 weeks and have had reduced nutrient uptake. If the stomachs only been bad for a short time, the bone meal, the starting mix and Behepan might be removed.

Fortiflora and Standardt stomach is however important to restore the bacterial culture and stabilize the stomachs. Carrot Pure is to make the stools firmer and can be increased if necessary.

1) from minced beef brisket

2) round grain rice cooked with mineral salt (green packaging)

3) boiled grated carrots and potatoes mashed, is also good with carrot puree of baby food jar or Olewo carrot pellets soaked up

4) Standardt stomach

5) Standardt bone meal

6) Fortiflora (available at pharmacies)

7) Standardt Home Mix

8) B12 Behepan

First days mix 25% minced beef with 75% rice mixture, about 10% of the carrotpuren. The rest are calculated by taking what is on the jars and give weight and day. Give 3 times / day

When stomachs don´t react negative increased meat amount to 33% and further after a while to 50%

If the stomachs become unstable, increase the amount of carrot puree and Standardt stomach. If it becomes too firm to reduce the Standardt stomach

If everything is stable, add 1 egg yolk / day if the stomachs do not agree, it is removed and added later.

After five weeks the Fortiflora is removed, plain minced beef is used, begin to put Standardt wild dry food if stomachs still works properly. After six weeks added Pondus 3p which then gradually replaces minced meat.

All my dogs are going to eat a mixture of Pondus 3p fresh feed and Standardt dry food wild. I see a very big difference in a short time regarding fur quality, watery eyes and so on.

I thank the wonderful Rose-Marie Kullberg in Huddinge for any help!

Author Suzanne Nisser Blanck

Female puppy for sale

This is the third generation born at our kennel from top winning dogs. My first male from Russia was Vlast Ognia´ Edelweiss from Julia Shestakova Ru. That was when I really started to understand the basics about positive dog handling and training. Ed got a son DompeKeehawn Dom Perignon. Dompe has given me everything I ever dreamed about. This last litter is from Dompe and a wonderful female called Smashy, that I got to buy from a friend. Since Dompe was born I have had 12 litters and I think this is one of the best looking litters ever.

Puppy from Multi Ch Keehawn Dom Perignon & Gold Standard Splash Af Pride Smash
Puppy from Multi Ch Keehawn Dom Perignon & Gold Standard Splash Af Pride Smash

This is the litter brother staying on the kennel. Talk about attitude!

Keehawn Abrau Dorso 4 months old
Keehawn Abrau Dorso 4 months old